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Anti-Ageing Supplements is the fastest growing segment in Nutraceuticals. Below are the main players in the market. This site will compare the different brands offering supplements for skin health, including the latest breakthough active ingredients. The best skin vitamins for skin, supplement ingredients lists, the top 3 supplements for skin, all the latest reviews for supplements...you'll find it all here.

Dove Spa

Dove Spa - British www.dovespa.co.uk


David Kirsch - USA www.davidkirschwellness.com

Perricone MD - USA www.perriconemd.com

Functionalab - USA www.functionalab.com


Murad- USA www.murad.co.uk


Caudalie - French www.caudalie.com

Dove Spa

No, this product isn’t soap. We all know Dove have ventured away from the lovely soaps they’re so well known for and into the beauty business but now they’ve taken on the anti-aging supplement world with their DoveSpa Strength Within Anti-Wrinkle Supplement.
To their credit they’ve done a whole lot of research and have brought out independent studies showing links between ingredients like soy isoflavones and lycopene and a reduction in wrinkle production, which they include in the anti-aging supplement. Unfortunately they’ve been a little stingy in the amount of these amazing ingredients that they actually put in their product.
They do however also include some other useful ingredients such as fish oil, which is great for reducing dryness and protecting skin against sun damage, and vitamin C, an anti-oxidant great for reducing the effects of free-radicals in the body and essential to the production of collagen.


Product Name: Strength Within Anti-Wrinkle Supplement

Ingredients List: Fish Oil (660mg), Bovine Gelatine, Vitamin C (30mg), Beeswax, Humectant (Glycerol), Soy Extract, Sweetener (Sorbitol), Natural Orange Flavouring, Tomato Extract (3mg), Vitamin E (180mg), Emulsifier (Lecithin), Colour (E172), Soy Isoflavones (40mg).

Cost +1 Month's Supply: £35.00 (3 Capsules Daily)

Pros: In doing their research they found a connection between soy isoflavones, lycopene and anti-aging skin care. It’s also relatively cheap for an anti-aging supplement.

Cons: Despite discovering a link between two key ingredients and anti-aging, DoveSpa haven’t really put much of either in their supplement, and they haven’t included many other ingredients either.

Our Verdict: 6/10 If you’re looking for a cheap supplement, this is probably the best of the bunch, but there are better ones out there.


  1. thanks for the detailed analysis! Just one point - I didn't realise that you had a second page of products. Maybe make this a bit more clearer on the menu bar! Lx

    (Posted on 2015-03-12 13:31:00 by )
  2. invaluable site great objective info on products thanks

    (Posted on 2014-02-24 23:13:00 by )
  3. Thank you for your review! What about Caudele and Vivida?

    (Posted on 2014-02-20 13:00:00 by )
  4. Such a comprehensive site! Thank you.

    (Posted on 2012-08-25 09:13:00 by )
  5. Great site, great help for me. Can you also review anti-ageing drinks?

    (Posted on 2012-06-22 09:40:00 by )
  6. It has given me great, guilty pleasure to find Imedeen ranked lowest.
    I bought it for years, (call me an optimist,) but I lived in hope.
    However, I stopped buying it when the company refused to honour my tokens for a free month's supply, because I sent in the tokens with the barcodes written down, instead of sending the actual bits of packaging on the bottom of the packets, which I had already recycled!
    I informed them I would no longer buy the product, but it made no difference, so , bah-humbug Imedeen.
    I had alreaady thrown them away.

    (Posted on 2012-05-24 11:09:00 by )
  7. Thanks For this, SOO much clearer!!!xx

    (Posted on 2012-05-02 09:52:00 by )
  8. so which is the best??

    (Posted on 2012-04-24 11:33:00 by )

All about Anti-Ageing Supplements

Active Ingredients:
If you see this anywhere remember that these 'actives' are the only thing within the beauty supplement that 'works' so in a list of 10, if there are only 4 active ingredients, you need to research what else is in there. Be aware of companies whose ingredients lists are difficult (if not impossible) to find on the web.


Having been around for over 20 years, Imedeen is the grand old Dame of the Skin Beauty world. In its golden era Imedeen was groundbreaking but sadly a lack of further innovation means many younger companies have surpassed Imedeen and now produce far superior products.
One thing Imedeen have got right is that they’ve latched on to the idea of anti-oxidants and they’ve stuck with it. Whilst this might not be great for reducing and reversing wrinkles and skin damage, anti-oxidants are key to the prevention of premature aging. Unfortunately, this is all they’ve really put in their Prime Renewal product and they seem to have forgotten about new skin care techniques designed to reduce wrinkles and improve collagen production.

Product Name: Imedeen prime Renewal

Ingredients List: Bulking agents (maltodextrin, soy fibre), Soy extract 350mg, Marine Complex 210mg, white tea extract 62.4mg,Vitamin C 60mg,Tomato extract 28.8mg, grape seed extract 27.5mg, Vitamin E 10mg, Dried Glucose syrup, Chamomile extract 40mg, glazing agents - methylcellulose, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, glycerol, shellac, vegetable oil), anti-caking agents - silicium dioxide, talc, Zinc 5mg, colours - titanium dioxide, ammonia caramel (contains wheat), gelatine. Firming agent Pectin

Pros: They were innovative in the beginning and they are the company that started it all which counts for something, we’re just not sure what.

Cons: With few ingredients, and less that are actually useful this is a company that is well and truly stuck in the middle ages of skin care.

Our Verdict: 2/10 We’re being generous here. Your skin only needs so many anti-oxidants to keep the free radicals at bay and that’s all Imedeen seems to have put in their products.




We’ll start by just saying wow. How many anti-aging ingredients can you pack into one box? BioCorrex have a 5-Capsule system with each capsule dedicated to a different anti-aging task. From sun protection and sun damage repair capsules to anti-wrinkle and firming capsules they really do seem to have tried to put everything they can into their skin care products, which is a good thing since they’re pretty pricey.
With Vitamins A, B, D and E as well as Lycopene, Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic acid, Grape-Seed Extract and quite literally a whole list more BioCorrex have filled their products with ingredients that anti-oxidant rich, sun protective, collagen stimulating, skin firming and wrinkle reducing. With so many active ingredients you can see why they have such a price tag.
Annoyingly, their website doesn’t list the amount of each ingredient in their capsules but we emailed them and they happily sent us over a photo of the back of the box which helpfully does tell you all the doses. Don’t worry, we won’t go through them all, suffice to say you get a lot for your money.

Product Name: BioCorrex Skin Beauty

Ingredients List: There really are too many for us to list here. You can, however find a full list of ingredients on their website here: http://biocorrex.com/products/skin-beauty

Cost +1 Month’s Supply: £69.95 (5 Capsules Daily)

Pros: BioCorrex have gone out of their way to fit as many active ingredients into their capsules as possible to give you the best anti-aging supplement they can.

Cons: It is rather expensive, but we can forgive them for the sheer amount of ingredients they give you for your money. And if you buy it in bulk you can get some great offers so you needn’t break the bank.

Our Verdict: 10/10 This product really does have it all. They’re only missing listing their doses on their website. We don’t mind emailing them but it really should be readily available.


Produced by Vitabiotics, Perfectil Platinum Beauty capsules is their offer of a premium
skin vitamin supplement. The formulation contains some good active ingredients – Marine Collagen, Grape seed extract, Pinebark extract (sometimes known as Pycogenol), Green tea extract, Alpha Lipoic acid, C0 Q10, Lycopene. But it’s dramatically let down by the low doses of the expensive ingredients(compared to the high doses of cheapo vitamins) and by the amount of fillers, caking agents and bulking agents used. Wecounted over 24 different non-active(see side-bar for explanation of what an active ingredient is) additives. It is slightly cheaper than other skincare oral supplement brands but then we find ourselves thinking‘there really is a reason for that’.


Product Name: Perfectil Platinum Skin Radiance
Ingredients List:  www.vitabiotics.com/Perfectil/platinum_formula4.aspx
Cost +1 month’s supply: £40.35 (2 anti-ageing skincare capsules daily)
Pros: Quite a lot of ingredients.
Cons:   None of the best and newest (presumably because these are
  price-y) ingredients - not great doses of the ones they do have.
Our Verdict: 4.5/10.  These ingredients may help your skin look
  better in some way. But this is mainly just a multi Vit.


Lot of respect due to the glamorous doctor. He has built an empire from selling skin beauty anti-ageing supplements and creams. Also he does put good ingredients in. Admittedly he has no anti-ageing supplement pack and the one we’ve used in this selection is actually for acne and clear skin. But he does put in some great doses and he puts the amounts too. Right on, Doctor.


Product Name:   Perricone Skin Clear
Ingredients List:     There’s a lot. Click here to see. They’re not anti-ageing
  ingredients but they are very good.
Cost + 1 month’s supply:     £69.50 (7 skin beauty capsules& tablets per day)
Pros:   Great pack for young women (under 25).
Cons:   Won’t help protect your skin.
Our Verdict: 8/10.   These ingredients are arguably one of the best on the
  market. Just wish he’d get off the cheap fish oils (fyi – omega 3
  fish oils are relatively inexpensive for manufacturers to use,
  especially to use instead of the newest, and most effective
  ingredients in the nutricosmetics market) and vitamin e’s and
  get into the innovative stuff

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